“The Most Expensive Divorce”

What would make a divorce “The Most Expensive Divorce”?  Let’s take a look at how this happens. To start, when we say “The Most Expensive Divorce” means in terms of Attorneys fees cost to the husband and/or wife.  Obviously the highest total cost divorces will be the longer term marriages of the richest in the world that decide it is … Read More

What Are My Rights to Child Custody as a Divorcing Father?

When a court in Georgia rules on different types of custody, they look at the best interests of the children and what type of atmosphere will help them most to grow, even in a divided family. Many fathers are concerned that they will not be able to share custody of their children in an advantageous way, and in all fairness, … Read More

The New Trend of Online Divorces and Why You Should Avoid Them

Because technology and access to the internet is more widespread than ever before, digital companies have made it seemingly easier and easier over the years to get everything we want with a couple clicks of a button. Such is the case even when it comes to divorce! In an attempt to make the divorce process easier and faster, more and … Read More

The Effects of Divorce on Adult Children

There are several articles and resources available about the effects divorce has on young children and how to help them cope with this immensely difficult time. Something less spoken about, however, is the impact divorce has on adult children. More recently, seniors age 55 and over are getting divorced more than ever before, so the subject of the impact of … Read More

Child Custody Papers

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Facing a child custody dispute can be an extremely difficult experience for any parent. In some cases, child custody disputes may be accompanied by paternity claims, seeking to prove that a particular person is the biological father of the child, and that he is required to pay child support and to engage in child custody matters. In such scenarios, the … Read More

No Shoulder to Lean On in a DIY Divorce

In the midst of a divorce, you will likely have friends and family members who you can talk to. You will be able to vent your frustrations to them. They may have gone through a divorce and may be able to offer emotional support and advice about dealing with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. They may even offer legal advice, though you … Read More

No Mediator Between You and Your Spouse in a DIY Divorce

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While a mediator and lawyer are often two different things, a family law attorney can act as a figurative mediator in a divorce. If you are representing yourself and things get heated between you and your spouse, you will have to handle the situation on your own. It will be hard to negotiate with the other party if you don’t … Read More

Missing Out on a Lawyer’s Efficiency in a DIY Divorce

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When you represent yourself in a divorce, you miss out on a lawyer’s efficiency. You waste valuable time, money and other resources researching then trying to do, then researching and then trying to do what you researched again. Your divorce can often result in delays, all of which only adds stress to an already stressful situation. A Georgia divorce involves … Read More

DIY Divorces Could End Up Costing You More

There are many aspects of our economy that are forcing people to file their own divorce as an effort to save money. Or it may be a confidence of having accomplished other tasks on your own that you had not done before. In fact, there are even many websites encouraging people to consider a do-it-yourself divorce and have some documents … Read More

Potential to Be Bullied in DIY Divorces

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It is common that a divorce can bring out your partner’s animosity or they hire a lawyer that has an ego or just operates in an aggressive or pushy way, which can lead to harassment and bullying. When you are going through a divorce, however, you shouldn’t have to handle the bullying on your own. A divorce is stressful enough … Read More