Missing Out on a Lawyer’s Efficiency in a DIY Divorce

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When you represent yourself in a divorce, you miss out on a lawyer’s efficiency. You waste valuable time, money and other resources researching then trying to do, then researching and then trying to do what you researched again. Your divorce can often result in delays, all of which only adds stress to an already stressful situation.

Georgia divorce involves so many elements. It involves much more than you and your spouse ending your marriage. You may have children to consider. You may own a home and many other assets. There may be a significant amount of money involved. You may own a business or be thinking about retirement. There may be concerns if one of you has a chronic health condition or disability.

In short, a divorce can significantly impact you financially in many different ways, in addition to stress, emotions, and the risks involved. The potential mistakes you make by representing yourself could come back to haunt you. A lawyer’s efficiency can help you avoid mistakes while reducing stress and making the process easier for all involved. A lawyer’s efficiency will stream line the process to a plan that not only gets you to where you want to be as quickly as it can, but will also accomplish what you knew you wanted and others you didn’t know you could or should accomplish. With a lawyer on your side, your divorce is more likely to result in a favorable outcome. This is one of the many reasons you shouldn’t file your own divorce.

Why Lawyers Are Efficient

Family law attorneys have been through the divorce process many times with their clients. They understand the paperwork that is involved, and they know all of the deadlines you will need to reach. For anyone without legal experience, filing any of the necessary documents can be very complex, somewhat convoluted, and really tedious to fill out. You might not understand how to complete it or even know that you have a deadline.

Also a Family law attorney has been to law school and trained in the skill of lawyering, which is being analytical of all aspects of a problem, being able to look at a set of circumstances and do at least better than a person who hasn’t gone to law school at seeing and figuring out all the potential problems and all the possible solutions. All the 24 10 CHAPTER 25 while a properly trained lawyer must be professional by not allowing emotions to make decisions.

If you try to do your own divorce, everything becomes more complicated. If you don’t hire a lawyer, you will still need to hire experts. You may need an accountant, real estate broker, financial expert, mediator, banker, and others. It can be stressful trying to gather these experts on your own. A lawyer, on the other hand, can help you find the assistance you need and even take care of all these processes.

Lawyers avoid all the delays that come with self-representation. They are constantly on the ball trying to keep things moving so you can get your divorce finalized as quickly and easily as possible. They will work with the other party to negotiate and reach a settlement.

Lawyers are able to stay efficient because they are not personally/emotionally invested in your divorce. They won’t get distracted by the behavior of the other party. They stay objective and are able to offer you options that can help speed up the process. They can also advise you as to whether or not you should take a settlement offer based on experience and based on what a judge or jury would decide in Court.

The Importance of a Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys are skilled when it comes to divorce. They know the process like the back of their hands and they have figured out the most efficient ways to help you reach the most favorable outcome possible. You’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice by going the divorce route alone. Indeed, the efficiency of an experienced lawyer will save you time, money, and protect your emotional and stress reserves allowing you to focus on your employment and important relationships in your life.

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