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Conflicts involving family law or domestic relations issues can quickly become emotionally charged and difficult to effectively manage. When children are involved, the potential for disagreement and conflict becomes even greater. 

Whether you are attempting to navigate a contested divorce or are struggling to modify an existing spousal support order, hiring capable legal representation can help you obtain the favorable outcome you deserve.

Our team at the Mitchell & Crunk Law Firm is committed to helping families efficiently resolve complex legal disputes. Our family law services in Barrow County are designed to provide you and your loved ones with the compassionate, respectful advocacy you need to write your next chapter and secure a better tomorrow. No matter your circumstances, our attorneys are prepared to guide you through the challenging moment you are experiencing. We understand what is at stake in these matters and will fight to enforce your rights.

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Our Practice Areas

At the Mitchell & Crunk Law Firm, we have a strong track record of successfully representing families going through various types of transitions. When you come to us for help, we will carefully review your situation and address any immediate concerns you may have. Our team will then review all available legal options and begin developing a tailored strategy for how we will approach your case. encourage you to review our testimonials to learn more about what our clients are saying about us. 

Our family law services in Barrow County include assistance with:

  • Divorce. It may become necessary to end your marriage if conflicts with your spouse become insurmountable. If you can agree on all elements of child support, spousal support, child custody, and property division, you may be able to file an uncontested divorce and potentially save a great deal of time, money, and energy. If you are unable to agree with your spouse on these points, you will most likely need to file a contested divorce. In a contested divorce, a judge will review the circumstances of your marriage, hear arguments, and make enforceable decisions that resolve any disagreements. While you do not have to prove fault by one spouse in a Georgia divorce, you must provide grounds. This could be as simple as irreconcilable differences or as serious as infidelity or theft. Our team knows how to effectively represent clients in divorce proceedings and will work to protect your interests every step of the way.
  • Child Support. The custodial parent – defined as the parent who spends more time with the child – will in most cases be entitled to child support payments from the noncustodial parent. A complex series of formulas and tables are used to calculate the noncustodial parent’s base child support obligation, but a judge is able to deviate from this base amount at their discretion. We can help you seek a fair and sustainable child support plan. Our team can also assist you with modifying an existing order when circumstances change.
  • Spousal Support. If one spouse in a divorce needs monetary assistance to become financially dependent and the other spouse can afford to support them, the court may order one spouse to pay alimony on a temporary or ongoing basis. Either spouse can request alimony, but these requests are not automatically granted and will be heavily scrutinized. When determining whether to grant alimony, a Georgia judge will consider the health and resources of each spouse, the conditions of their marriage, any marital misconduct, and the resources the requesting spouse will need to find work and become independent. Our team can fight to secure the alimony you need to move forward. We can also assist with modifying existing spousal support orders.
  • Adoptions. You may need legal assistance if you hope to efficiently expand your family through adoption. The adoption process can be frustratingly complex, and delays are common if you do not know how to overcome legal obstacles. We know how to handle private adoptions, international adoptions, adoptions facilitated by agencies, same-sex couple adoptions, stepparent adoptions, relative adoptions, adult adoptions, and more.
  • Child Custody and Visitation. As a parent, you will understandably want to spend as much time with your child as possible. If you have legal custody, you get a say in how your child is raised. If you have physical custody, the child will live with you. Georgia tries to give both parents legal custody where possible, and many parents must share physical custody. The parent that spends the most time with the child in a shared custody arrangement becomes the “custodial parent” and tends to get the final say in any irreconcilable disagreements. Judges will consider numerous factors when deciding custody, and we are prepared to advocate for what is in the best interests of your child. Our firm can also help seek changes to existing custody arrangements.
  • Paternity and Legitimation. If your child is born out of wedlock, the law does not assume you are their father, even if everyone else knows you are. You will need to establish yourself as the child’s legally documented father if you wish to access and enforce your rights as a parent. Our team can help you complete the processes involved with establishing paternity and legitimation. Without taking these steps, you will not be able to request custody or visitation. Your child will also not necessarily inherit your assets in their capacity as an heir once you pass away.
  • Property Division. In a Georgia divorce, your assets will be considered “separate property” or “marital property.” Only marital property is subject to equitable division. Something is most likely to be considered marital property if it was acquired during the marriage, regardless of who paid for or technically owns the asset. Something may be considered “separate property” – and thus exempt from division – if it was acquired before the marriage began, after the marriage ended, or as the result of an inheritance or lifetime gift. Our team will work to establish that your separate property is truly yours and shield it from the divorce process. We will also fight for your interests and do everything possible to ensure all property division is fair.

Learn more about our family law services in Barrow County by calling (678) 701-6252 or contacting us online. Same-day appointments and payment plans are available.

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