The Effects of Divorce on Adult Children


There are several articles and resources available about the effects divorce has on young children and how to help them cope with this immensely difficult time. Something less spoken about, however, is the impact divorce has on adult children. More recently, seniors age 55 and over are getting divorced more than ever before, so the subject of the impact of divorce on grown children hasn’t been on the forefront of as much research or psychological studies as there is with younger children. If couples are going through a divorce and they have adult children, however, the impact of that divorce could have legal ramifications in addition to interesting emotional and psychological effects. Consider some of the following effects your divorce could have on your adult children and why you should consult with our Winder divorce lawyers if you are going through a separation from your spouse later in life.

Legal Consequences of Divorce on Adult Children

One of the most staggering costs of divorce as a senior is the division of property and the sheer amount of stress divorce imbues on your finances. Because of this, many families dip into savings and funds initially intended for their adult children. Many adult children with divorcing parents will often come to find out later that money Mom and Dad saved for certain investments such as college, grandchildren, or inheritance is often much less than before the divorce, if it isn’t completely depleted.

Divorce can also have a strange impact on investments and inheritances. Most divorces divide assets, which include profits from investments. If these investments were initially intended to be passed on to their children, dividing them can cause problems. Living wills need to be redrafted in order to reflect the changes in marital status, and this could have a negative impact on what adult children receive when either parent passes away. None of this is easy, which is why it is important to hire a family law and divorce attorney in Winder, one who is also familiar with elder law and probate, to help you through the process.

Psychological and Emotional Effects

The lack of studies on the impact of divorce on adult children is likely because many have assumed that adults are more emotionally capable of working through a divorce in an emotionally mature way simply because they are older and more experienced with life. While this is generally true, it doesn’t mean that adult children don’t still experience some effects when their parents get divorced later in life. In fact, there are some emotional and psychological effects which older children experience which are comparable to the effects younger children experience, and, in some cases, the reaction to these confusing or troubling feelings may even be worse.

One reaction that young children often have to divorce is that they believe that the divorce was their fault and there was something they could have done to prevent it. Adult children may feel the same way in many instances, and this may even take a greater toll on them because of a better ability to empathize which is developed with age. Another reaction young children have is to adopt bad behavior so they can receive attention. While you may not see an adult “acting out” in the same way, adult children may slip in work or college responsibilities while their parents are going through a divorce, either because they are distracted or because it is indeed a cry for attention. While young children may have negative feelings about relationships after a divorce, adult children likewise may begin to question their own relationships in life and their longevity in comparison to their parents.

Helping Facilitate Divorce in Winder

There are many other effects divorce can have on adult children, but what it really comes down to is that divorce isn’t easy on anyone, especially when it takes place later in life. Remember, though, that you and your family don’t have to go it alone. Get the help of our Winder divorce attorneys today and build a better future for your family.

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