What Are My Rights to Child Custody as a Divorcing Father?

Father with daughter

When a court in Georgia rules on different types of custody, they look at the best interests of the children and what type of atmosphere will help them most to grow, even in a divided family. Many fathers are concerned that they will not be able to share custody of their children in an advantageous way, and in all fairness, it has historically been that way. Many courts have ruled, and still rule, in the favor of mothers when it comes to child custody, but in more recent years, custody arrangements have surfaced that make the balance more fair for fathers who still want to be active parts of their children’s lives. With the help of a Georgia and Winder divorce lawyer, your rights as a father can be secured and the possibility of a more favorable child custody outcome can be achievable.

Your Rights to Child Custody

Your rights to child custody are equal to that of your children’s mother. Judges look at a myriad of factors when they are determining custody, and depending on the circumstances of each divorce case, many judges may award different types of custody which are potentially favorable to both parents.

Some of the rights you are secured in a divorce when it comes to child custody as the father include:

  1. Right to retain emotional ties with your children: If the relationships you have with your kids are strong, the courts will look favorably upon your ability to respect the responsibility of child custody.
  2. Right to provide for a child monetarily: Fathers are often concerned that, because they have to work, they will lose valuable time as their children’s providers. While this is a factor of child custody, the court also realizes it is often simply a matter of logistics. You still have a right to be with your kids even if you are working, and especially if you are paying child support on time and in full.
  3. Right to provide a stable environment: If you demonstrate to the court that you are an emotionally, physically, and financially stable individual, they will look highly upon your ability to lead as a father.
  4. Right to be with children that favor you: Some children, for different reasons, favor fathers over their mothers in terms of who they want to be with the most. The court listens to these preferences and awards fathers accordingly as long as they meet other important criteria.
  5. Right to remove children from abuse: Often, fathers are thought of to be the only abusers in a family. Mothers, however, are sometimes equally at fault for abusing their children, whether it is physical or emotional. Courts will favor stable fathers if they are able to prove abuse on the part of the mother.

Improving Your Odds for Child Custody:

When it comes to securing your rights for child custody as a father, you are potentially contending with a competing spouse who is also seeking custody. To really improve your chances of obtaining a favorable custody arrangement, there are certain things fathers can and should do to show they are capable and loving parents. Consider some of the following ways to improve your odds for child custody:

  1. Make your relationships with your children strong: The courts will favor fathers who have good relationships with their sons and daughters. While you don’t have to pander to your children, you can certainly build strong bonds that show the court you really care about your kids.
  2. Be part of your children’s lives: If you really want to impress the court, show them that you are actively involved as a father that extends beyond just your work. Go to school meetings and important events in your kids’ lives, such as sports, plays, birthdays, and other milestones.
  3. Make your home theirs: Children and the court should know that your home is still your children’s home even if you are living in a new place separate from their mother.
  4. Be respectful of Mom: Whether you are around your children or not, showing respect to the woman you are divorcing demonstrates to the court your integrity and stability.

The fifth, final, and perhaps most important factor to improve your odds is to hire a divorce attorney in Winder at Mitchell & Crunk, Attorneys at Law. By hiring us to represent you, you know that your rights will be secured and the potential for you to reach a favorable custody arrangement will increase. Call us today or reach out to us here on our website to start the process.

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