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Giving a child a home and a family when they didn’t have their own is a beautiful thing. This can be because they are an orphan or because they have a father or mother absent from their life. When willing adults are looking to qualify for adoption in either of these situations in the state of Georgia, there are a host of legal complexities through which they must navigate. Throughout the adoption process and for the many potential legal problems you may encounter, consider hiring an experienced, dedicated, Winder adoption attorney located to help you.
Why Consider Legal Help with Your Adoption
There are myriad problems and steps associated with the laws surrounding Georgia adoptions. If any of these steps are missed or if you encounter any difficult legal situations regarding your adoption, it can greatly prolong the process or prevent the adoption from taking place. Such complexities include, but are not limited to, the question of how to adopt, what type of adoption to choose, how adoption affects your taxes, court procedures, or whether or not a same-sex couple is trying to adopt. There are also some involved laws when it comes to stepparent adoptions or when a parent/parents completely abandon their children. All of these situations require a working knowledge of the law. Legal representation throughout the process can therefore expedite your adoption and ensure that your rights and the rights of the children are completely protected.

How We Help in the Adoption Process

Winder Adoptions Attorney | the Law Office of Mitchell & CrunkMitchell & Crunk can assist you in complying with all adoption requirements and represent you in any necessary court appearances or hearings. Our office’s goal will be to start your new relationship off successfully with a bright and happy future together. We do this by helping you step by step, from finding a baby you would like to adopt to filling out the proper paperwork and much more.

For those new to adoption, we can help you decide which type of adoption best fits your needs and desires and advocate for you in varying circumstances. We know Georgian law surrounding these different types of adoptions, including those which take place through agencies, private adoptions, international adoptions, stepparent adoptions, same-sex couple adoptions, relative adoptions, and even adult adoptions. After deciding which type of adoption you are willing to do, we will help you with the appropriate paperwork and advocate for you in the event that your case must be presented before a judge, as is common with many stepparent adoptions. Our skills and knowledge of adoption law will prepare you to handle the twists and turns to continue on your path to successful adoption.

Contacting Our Adoption Attorneys

Winder Adoptions Attorney | the Law Office of Mitchell & CrunkYou have many options and legal work ahead of you as potential adopting parents. So whether you are looking for initial adoption options or you simply have questions about our process, make sure to call us for a consultation. Even if you have started the adoption process without the help of an attorney but are facing legal problems now, please don’t hesitate to call at 770-722-9765. Our Winder adoption lawyers are on your side to help you overcome all the obstacles associated with adoption and to unite your family together.

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