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At Mitchell & Crunk Law Firm, our clients feel confident because they know knowledgeable legal professionals represent them. With so many legal issues falling under the umbrella of family law, you want attorneys with knowledge and experience working in several areas. You get all this and more when choosing to work with our Gainesville attorneys. Our lawyers recognize how frustrating it can be to have legal issues with your loved ones. Even if you are planning to divorce, taking legal action against a partner or working with a professional to make preparations for your estate can all be emotionally taxing. Regardless of what issue brings clients into our offices, they’ll find capable lawyers ready to provide reliable legal advice in your case.

Our Gainesville family law attorneys provide legal assistance on a wide range of issues, such as:

•          Divorce

•          Estate Planning

•          Custody and Visitation 

•          Child Support

•          Spousal Support

•          Post Judgment Modifications

•          Wills

•          Trusts

If you are working on an estate plan or a modification order, our dedicated attorneys can help you meet your goals. Most legal challenges require professional assistance, so when you’re ready, our Gainesville family law attorneys can help you navigate the legal landscape.

If you are struggling to navigate family law issues on your own, stop now and schedule a free initial consultation. You can reach our attorneys at (678) 701-6252.

Gainesville Divorce Lawyers

Marriages end, and when they do, couples may find they need assistance tackling many of the thornier issues that must be resolved before a divorce can be finalized. Even couples with prenuptial agreements may find they need help with a protracted custody negotiation or alimony requests. Divorces can be challenging and filled with issues that can derail the process if you aren’t careful. Our Gainesville divorce lawyers can help you successfully develop a strategy in your case that equips you with the tools you need to navigate a complex divorce. The lawyers at Mitchell & Crunk Law Firm are respectful professionals, and we realize a divorce is an emotional time for most couples. Our teams will do their best to ensure you have everything you need to finalize your divorce successfully. 

Gainesville Estate Planning Services

At Mitchell & Crunk Law Firm, we work hard to help families feel comfortable discussing estate planning topics. You don’t need to be wealthy to begin estate planning. Everyone will eventually require a will - even if they choose never to get one. Plus, a more comprehensive estate plan gives your loved ones even more insight into your preferences regarding your assets and medical choices if you die or become incapacitated. When you choose to leave these matters unresolved, it can leave your family in the position of needing to guess what you wanted in the end. It can also leave your assets vulnerable to avoidable fees and additional taxes. Providing guidance and clarity is the best thing you can do to prevent your assets from being tied up in court or your healthcare issues taking an even greater emotional toll on your heirs.

Our Gainesville family law attorneys can help you start preparing by drafting tools like:

  • Wills: A will is the foundational document of your estate plan, and it covers important issues regarding your assets, like who will inherit your property, serve as guardian to any minor children, and who will serve as your executor. 
  • Trusts: Trusts, like wills, outline the transfer of assets after your death, but trusts are private and more customizable than a will. Trusts are also preferable for some individuals because they are not subject to probate. 
  • Advance Directives for Health Care: The goal of a good estate plan is that it answers questions you cannot because you are deceased or incapacitated. Tools like advance medical directives allow individuals to speak on their behalf about medical procedures and treatments that may be performed while incapacitated. 
  • Powers of Attorney: An agent that acts on your behalf based on predetermined triggering events. A power of attorney can be applied in your absence or incapacity. The individual giving away their agency would decide the conditions that would trigger the document and what decisions can be made on their behalf.

At Mitchell & Crunk Law Firm, our attorneys can help you draft a will, file a divorce, or negotiate a custody order and visitation plan. We are always prepared to help clients meet the needs of their situation and hopefully find positive outcomes in their cases. Call now at (678) 701-6252 to schedule a consultation or reach out online for more information.

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If you have questions about family law, do not hesitate to contact us onlineor call (678) 701-6252. Same-day appointments and payment plans are available.

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