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Mitchell & Crunk Adoption Representation in Commerce, GA

Adoption is an amazing experience that has positive impacts for the child, adoptive parents, and entire families. Whether the child is an orphan or because circumstances resulted in the birth parents being absent from his or her life, an adoptive parent can qualify for adoption under Georgia law. Adoption provides a new beginning and a bright future.

Still, the adoption process in Georgia is extremely complex. The laws and procedural rules can be complicated if you don’t have a legal background. Therefore, it’s important to work with an experienced lawyer early in the process if you are considering adoption. A skilled adoption lawyer in Commerce, GA can advise you on your options, explain your rights, and help you navigate relevant laws to ensure compliance. The attorneys at Mitchell & Crunk have represented many families in Georgia adoption proceedings and can help you throughout the process.

Decades of Legal Experience Dedicated to Georgia Adoption Law

The lawyers at Mitchell & Crunk assist families with all aspects of adoption law, including eligibility issues, document filings, court appearances at regional courthouses, and all other legal requirements. Our goal is to provide compassionate, competent representation, from initiating adoption proceedings through to the final order. By ensuring a smooth process, families are better able to welcome new relationships and look forward to an enjoyable future together.

We provide personalized services in a wide range of adoption matters, including:

  • Private adoptions and adoptions through independent agencies;
  • Adoptions within the State of Georgia;
  • Adoptions that cross state lines, raising interstate adoption legal issues;
  • Foreign country adoptions where compliance with international law, immigration, and other legal requirements are critical;
  • Adoptions by stepparents, relatives, and other individuals where the potential for legal contests by birth parents are increased;
  • Single parent adoptions;
  • Open adoption matters where birth parents and adoptive families have options for contact due to the personal relationships between and among them;
  • Adult adoptions to formalize existing relationships and streamline estate planning;
  • Opening adoption records; and,
  • Many other types of adoption cases.

Contested Adoption Cases

The adoption attorneys at Mitchell & Crunk can also assist you if a birth parent comes forward to contest the proceedings. It’s not unusual for the child’s mother or father to appear in court and contest the adoption, and you’re at a great disadvantage unless you have an experienced Georgia adoption lawyer on your side. Our attorneys possess the necessary skills and legal knowledge of adoption law to handle the twists and turns that may otherwise stand in the way of a successful adoption.

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Adoption is a very unique area of the law, considering the emotional investment for families and the adoptive child. You need a lawyer that combines extensive experience and skills with compassion and understanding of your situation. For more information on adoptions in Georgia, please contact the adoptions attorneys in Commerce, GA at Mitchell & Crunk. We’re happy to answer your questions or schedule a free consultation for you at our Commerce, GA office.