Paternity and Legitimation: You are the Father! (Maybe?)

One of the more common cases nowadays in family law or domestic relations law is a paternity case or legitimation case.  This is where usually a mother, but sometimes a father desires to set parental rights and responsibilities for the father of her child and have the father declared by the court to be the legal and biological father or … Read More

Child Custody and Support: Best Interest of the Child

During a divorce when children are part of the marriage, child custody and support will be a large part of the divorce process.  The court will in fact be very aware and always wary that the best interest of the child or children are being looked after while the parents spend some time arguing about what debts go to who … Read More

Divorce Happens

 Unfortunately sometimes relationships in our lives can become unhealthy for us mentally and even physically.  When this relationship is the one with our husband or wife, a possible solution is divorce.  There can be a myriad of feelings from anger or frustration to hope and relief when a client meets with me in my office contemplating or desiring to begin … Read More