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Creating and maintaining a successful business is hard work, but it can be even tougher to run a successful company when legal challenges stand in the way. Choosing the proper business formation, negotiating and drafting contracts, regulatory compliance, tax laws, employment law issues, and other matters can take your time away from focus on your company’s operations and growth.

The business consulting lawyers at Mitchell & Crunk can take the complex legal issues off your plate, allowing you to dedicate the necessary time to take your company to the next level. Our attorneys have represented many Commerce, GA area businesses with all legal aspects of running an operation, including compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

Business Formations

You have many choices when organizing your company under state law, but not all business formation types are suitable for every situation. It’s important to understand the basic entities, appreciate the relationships between and among all owners, and file all necessary documents to start your business off on the right foot. Your options include:

  • For-profit corporation;
  • Non-profit corporation;
  • Professional corporation;
  • Partnership;
  • Limited partnership; and,
  • Sole proprietorship.

Contract Issues

Depending on your industry, you’ll likely enter into different contracts – both written and oral – that impact your operations. An attorney can provide you with advice you need regarding such matters as:

  • Contract negotiation and identification of key terms;
  • Written agreement drafting and execution;
  • Fulfilling contractual requirements; and,
  • Representing your interests in the event of a breach.

Regulatory Compliance

The landscape of state, local, and federal business regulations is highly complex. Still, business owners are expected to understand their rights and obligations, and remain in compliance with all laws and regulations. The costs of violation of legal responsibilities can be extreme, and can even lead to you losing your business.

Issues Regarding Owners

Some of the most highly charged disputes in the business world won’t involve another company: The most expensive, time-consuming battles may occur between and among the stakeholders themselves. It’s necessary to establish a solid plan, commonly known as a shareholders agreement or buy-sell agreement, to prevent these types of disputes from negatively impacting your company interests.

Employment and Labor Law Issues

If your business requires you to employ a workforce, there are even more complicated legal issues that arise under employment and labor laws. A skilled business consulting lawyer can assist with tax withholding, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and other matters.

Skilled, Knowledgeable Business Consulting Lawyers in Commerce, GA

When you own a company, you should be dedicating all your efforts to achieving business objectives, day-to-day operations, and expansion. Legal issues can take your attention away from these goals, so you need an attorney to handle the complicated matters that would otherwise interrupt your efforts. The business consulting attorneys in Commerce, GA at Mitchell & Crunk have in-depth knowledge of all business-related laws governing companies in Georgia and can help you with formation, planning, compliance, and other legal issues. Please contact our Commerce, GA office with questions or to schedule a free consultation.