Durable Power of Attorney: A Powerful Tool to Get Things Done

Sometimes we need someone we trust to fill in for us and act for us when we need to accomplish certain tasks and are not able to ourselves because of distance, age, disability, or even time.  A solution to these concerns as they arise is having a Power of Attorney written up and executed.  A Power of Attorney gives someone … Read More

Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney

As with a Last Will and Testament we can find ourselves in a predicament where  important medical and healthcare decisions need to be made at any given time.  It could happen either by an automobile accident, injury working, or as time goes by in old age.  Before July 1st, 2007 you could have had a Living Will and Healthcare Power … Read More

New Year’s Resolution: Get a Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament provides an opportunity to not only make decisions on how what you leave behind is handled, but will also do so while complying with the law so that those decisions can carry the weight of the court if necessary.  We each do not know most of the time when the time will come.  Do you … Read More